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Last updated 9-16-2018


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Unless otherwise noted all equipment is in working condition.

Elecraft K2/10 #1964 with SSB, NB, ATU, KIO2, KAF2, KBT2 (w/o battery), K160RX, K6XX Tuning indicator. Side plates (original sides included). Complete documentation and manuals. Original builder and owner. Works FB with no issues. SOLD, shipping extra. Pictures here

Elecraft K1 #1964 with ATU and 4-band filter unit. Set up for 40, 30,20, and 15M. All manuals and documentation included. Original builder and owner. Works FB with no issues. SOLD shipping extra.

Elecraft W1 Power Meter. Original owner and builder. Works FB SOLD shipping extra. Picture

KD1JV ATS-3 4-band QRP Rig in American Morse Equipment (AME) AA1 enclosure. Original builder, works FB. $165 shipped. Picture

KD1JV Digital Dial Original builder, works FB. $15 shipped. Picture

SST-20 20 meter QRP CW transceiver w/Tick keyer. Original builder, works FB. SOLD shipping extra Picture

Paddlette BP Key with leg mount $20 shipped Picture

AME DCP Paddle w/desk mount SOLD shipped Picture

AME KK2 paddle $40 shipped Picture

Tuna Tin 2 Transmitter kit $15 shipped Picture

S&S PC-1 Frequency Counter $15 shipping extra. Picture

FT-817 Power conditioning kit, by Phil Salas, AD5X article $25 shipped Picture

Millen Solid State Dip meter #90652 $35 shipping extra. Picture

NORCAL SMT Dummy load SOLD shipped Picture

ATS-3 or ATS-4 Encoder $10 May need some TLC. Works ok, but a little sloppy shipped. Picture

EMU 0204 USB audio interface $15 shipping extra. Picture