For Sale Items

Last updated 4-27-2018

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Good personal checks or money order to QRZ.COM page for W1USN

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Unless otherwise noted all equipment is in working condition.

Elecraft K2/10 #1964 with SSB, NB, ATU, KIO2, KAF2, KBT2 (w/o battery), K160RX, K6XX Tuning indicator. Side plates (original sides included). Complete documentation and manuals. Original builder and owner. Works FB with no issues. $600, shipping extra. Pictures here

Elecraft K1 #1964 with ATU and 4-band filter unit. Set up for 40, 30,20, and 15M. All manuals and documentation included. Original builder and owner. Works FB with no issues. $450. shipping extra. Pictures here

Elecraft W1 Power Meter. Original owner and builder. Works FB $50 shipping extra. Picture

SOLD MFJ-223 Vector Antenna Analyzer.


KD1JV ATS-3 4-band QRP Rig in American Morse Equipment (AME) AA1 enclosure. Original builder, works FB. $175 shipping extra. Picture

SOLD KD1JV Nor’Easter SWL receiver

SOLD KD1JV Antenna Dipper

KD1JV Digital Dial Original builder, works FB. $15 shipped. Picture

SOLD KD1JV Morse/PSK Reader


SST-20 20 meter QRP CW transceiver w/Tick keyer. Original builder, works FB. $60 shipping extra Picture

SOLD Rockmite 20 w/filter in AME enclosure

Paddlette BP Key with leg mount $40 shipped Picture

AME DCP Paddle w/desk mount $50 shipped Picture

AME KK2 paddle $60 shipped Picture

Tuna Tin 2 Transmitter kit $20 shipped Picture

SOLD Norcal FCC-1 and FCC-2

SOLD AmQRP Club DDs-60 kit

S&S PC-1 Frequency Counter $20 shipping extra. Picture

FT-817 Power conditioning kit, by Phil Salas, AD5X article $30 shipped Picture

Millen Solid State Dip meter #90652 $60 shipping extra. Picture

SOLD Softrock XTALL v1.1

SOLD SRV6.2 Lite kit

NORCAL SMT Dummy load $10 shipped Picture

SOLD 2 x Si570 Programmable Crystal

ATS-3 or ATS-4 Encoder $25 May need some TLC. Works ok, but a little sloppy shipped. Picture

EMU 0204 USB audio interface $25 shipping extra. Picture

SOLD Analog Devices AD9850BRS and 1 AD9834BRU SMD Chips

SOLD K1SWL 20M QRP Transceiver